Joint labs


Aeronautics Technico Operational Lab

This joint lab associates:

  • École Navale (IRENav)
  • IMT Atlantique (LUSSI)
  • Thales Airborne Systems
  • Thales Underwater Systems

Main research topics:

  • Cognitive dimension of mission systems
  • Tkaing the user into account in the design of complex systems
  • Optimization of the efficiency of the user interactions
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Common Advanced Laboratory for Integrated Processing of Signal Observation

This joint lab associates...


Common Laboratory for Acquisition of Potential Oceanic Technologies

Created in 2009 by ENSTA Bretagne and THALES UNDERWATER SYSTEMS, CLAPOT lab is focused on joint research in innovative and ermerging topics such as the coordination of fleets of underwater microdrones. The result of the academic research conducted in CLAPOT directly aims at developping the mine counter measure systems of the future, and more globally, new systems for the systematic exploration of the marine environment.

Currently, both scope and partnership of CLAPOS are being rediscussed and an upgraded version of CLAPOT is envisaged beginning of 2017.

Scope of CLAPOT (old version)


Lab-STICC Thales Research Alliance on Smart On-board Sensor

Inauguration Ceremony
Inauguration Ceremony on July 8, 2016

This joint laboratory, inaugurated on July 8th, 2016, is led by Yves Quéré (from Lab-STICC) and Thomas Merlet (from Thales Optronique S.A.S.)

Its associates:

  • CNRS
  • ENIB
  • ENSTA Bretagne
  • IMT Atlantique
  • Thales Optronique
  • University of South Brittany (UBS)
  • University of West Brittany (UBO)

Its objective is to conduct research on:

-Active Antennas and 3D/Conformal Antennas, led by Guillaume LESUEUR, Thomas Merlet (THALES), Christian PERSON, Yves QUERE (Lab-STICC)

-Advanced RF Components for AESA, led by Laurent ROUSSEL, Clément TOLANT (THALES), Eric RIUS (Lab-STICC)

-Radome, led by Eric ITCIA (THALES), Cédric QUENDO (Lab-STICC)

-Algorithms and Embedded HW/SW Architectures, led by Jacques PETIT-FRERE (THALES), Jean Philippe DIGUET (Lab-STICC)

-RF Seekers and derivatives, led by Michel NAROZNY (THALES), Benoît CLEMENT (Lab-STICC)

-Transversal topics (Additive Manufacturing, EMC, Multiphysics, AESA), led by Hichame MAANANE (THALES), Yves QUERE, Ali KHENCHAF (Lab-STICC)


This joint lab associates...


WHISTLab is a joint lab from Institut Mines-Télécom and Orange...

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