Special Session on Physical Layer Security and Integrity for IoT and Space Communica

APCC 2019 The 25th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

Published 6/14/2019

This Special Session aims to provide a view of recent research on physical layer security and integrity techniques for communications. Security and integrity of transmissions are a major concern for futuretechnologies. It is organized by R. Gautier.

Up to now, information security is generally assigned to the cryptographic layer, thus involvinga high computational cost, and as such, a relatively high power consumption. Furthermore, the emergence ofnew wireless technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), 5G-Tactile Internet, massive MIMO, cognitiveradio, smart satellite systems, etc, makes current encryption-based methods unsuitable. Physical layersecurity can be considered as an effective solution for these issues. The basic idea of this securitymechanism is to exploit the characteristics of the transmission channel and its impairments to design efficientsecure transmission strategies, so that the information from the source to the intended receiver remainsconfidential. In this special session, all interesting security techniques are targeted: new channel codes andmodulations schemes that ensure both reliability and confidentiality; cooperative, semi-blind and blindchannel adaptation algorithms; schemes based on adding interfering artificial signals (noise/jamming) to thetransmitted information signals, etc.


Active Researchers in physical layer security and integrity for IoT and space communications are highlyencouraged to submit their recent original works and results to this session. The covered topics include, butare not limited to, the following items:

  • Secure communications for IoT and space
  • Secure advanced spatial diversity techniques
  • Secure resource allocation for IoT and space communications
  • Quantum communications and channel coding
  • Advanced coding and modulation for IoT and space communications
  • MIMO, Massive MIMO, beamforming and time reversal for IoT and space communications
  • Full-duplex transmission for IoT and space communications
  • Front-end-radio and test bed for IoT and space communications
  • Spectrum sensing and cognitive radio for IoT and space communications
  • Jamming resistant communications
  • Green communications for IoT and space
  • Secure transmissions for video-surveillance and domotic


Roland Gautier, Lab-STICC, University of Brest,

Tuan-Duc, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam.

Luat Nguyen, Lab-STICC, University of Brest, France


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