New governance (01/01/2021)

New governance

A new organization chart:

Download : [pdf] new governance (65.50 ko)
Main tools of governance

Old organization : Bureau of the Lab-STICC (before 01/01/2021)

The Lab-STICC laboratory is a moving structure. The organization chart below is the latest one voted by the council or published in "Journal Officiel" (an official publication of the French republic).

The functionning the of Lab is the following:

  • The head of the laboratory is assisted by a vice head.
  • Each institution has a deputy head managing the research lab under the rules of its own institution.
  • The scientific aspects are under the responsability of a scientific advisor
  • Each scientific dept. has its dept. head and each team has also its own team leader
  • Specific mission such as communication, industrial relationships and international affairs are managed by one person

The people mentioned above constitute the "bureau".

They meet every two weeks.

Download : [pdf] Organization chart (160.43 ko)

Scientific council

An internal scientific council is composed by the Scientific director, the three heads of the scientific departments and the Head of the Lab-STICC. This council conducts a regular discussion on the scientific consistency, dynamic and strategy of our laboratory.

This council is, for example, involved in the ranking of the PhD bids every year. Moreover, this council takes time to deeply analyze some of the themes proposed by the different teams as well as the actions of transversal projects. The work don in this council prepares the general discussions for the council of the laboratory.

Council of the Lab-STICC

All strategic decisions as well as scientific directions are discussed during the council. Main decision are taken upon governance, modification of the structure of the lab, creation or modification of teams.

The council of the Lab-STICC meets every 3-4 months and can be also consulted by electronic means.

The council is composed of eleted members from every institution (universities and engineering schools), members from every categories and from every scientific domain. In addition to the elected members, the members of the bureau are also members of the council.


Other tools of governance

General assembly

The Lab-STICC organizes a general assembly once a year (usually in December). The physical presence of all the members of the lab is required.

Because the lab is spread on a large territory in Brittany, the organization of such an event is not easy. All intitutions in their turn organize this assembly. The assembly is the perfect time to dispatch information to all members as well as exchange on the different choices and decisions made by the governance.

Meetings Team leaders / Bureau

Since 2012, the bureau has decided to organize regular meetings (usually twice a year) with the team leaders. The bureau meets every two weeks and make decisions that may have a direct impact on the teams. The head of departments can realy this information and the decisions, but a direct discussion is also very important to have the feedback from the team leaders.

Whenever it is necessary, these meetings are organized at a higher rate, especially when preparing the HCERES evaluation.

Steering and Follow-up committee

As suggested during the evaluation of the lab in 2010, we have settled a steering and follow-up committee. This committee gathers all the partner institutions of the Lab-STICC.

This committee evaluates regularly the scientific directions and strategy as well as the functionning of the research lab. It should meet every year.

Objective-Resources dialog

In addition to the steering and follow-up committee, under the recommendation of the CNRS, a "Objective-Resource dialog" meeting complements the work of the committee on qualitative and financial aspects. This meeting gathers all the institution partners of the Lab-STICC.

The results of this meeting is an increasing autonomy of the lab by setting up a global budget of the research lab involving all partners.

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