CACS dept.

CACS department has expertise in three main areas: digital communications, hardware design, and embedded software. This triple-skill allows both to design new DSP/telecom algorithms and associated innovative hardware design and to develop EDA/CAD tools and design methods for digital systems.

The CACS department includes three teams: Communications (COM), Silicon-Algorithm Interaction (IAS), Methods, tOols, Circuits/Systems (MOCS).

Teams CACS


Interaction between Algorithms and Silicon

The core research activity of the IAS team is mainly dedicated to the joint design of novel algorithms, hardware architectures and circuits. In the years ahead, IAS aims at investigating algorithms and architectures for beyond-5G communication systems, new memory-oriented flexible architectures, reliable signal processing circuits, smart and self-powered sensors and neuro-inspired computing.


The COMmunication Team has a double competence: in signal processing and information theory. The team has three main domains of interest :1- Underwater acoustic communication2- Defence with communication interception and identification3- Telecom with wireless, optical communication, 5G,...

Methods, tOols, Circuits / Systems

The MOCS team carries out research on Hardware/Software Design Methodologies and Tools in the domain of embedded systems. The global project is to define a design continuum between applications embedded software, CAD tools and hardware architectures, it continues with embedded self-adaptation capacities.
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