Microwave, Optoelectronics, Material Research Department

Research activities

General Assembly of the MOM Research Department July 2013
General Assembly of the MOM Research Department July 2013
General presentation
The central theme of the Microwave, Optoelectronics, Material (MOM) Research Department is the modeling, design and integration of physical layers, components, devices, functions for communication systems and detection (transmissions, sensors). Mainly related to the hardware aspects, research carried out, activities complement those developed in the other two Research Department of the Lab-STICC, to study and describe all the communication chain (from the sensor to the knowledge).

MOM Research Departement shares competences of physicists, electronics specialists and electromagneticians. It constitutes an original group of research at the national scale, because ready to take into account interdisciplinary problems, particularly relevant with respect to the needs of applications for telecommunication in a general way, but also in related fields. To control the design of a system since the preliminary knowledge of basic material until the choice of the related technologies and technological processes, to build a smart support, i.e well-suited for the constraints inherent in a particular device and to know how to use it. The research activities of this group must develop scientific and technical knowledge for microwave applications in the field of Information and Communication domains, while bringing new functionalities starting from the supports and materials developed by the group. The efforts are strongly centered on the size and cost reduction and performances required by the new generation of equipment for the communication market. A special attention is also paid towards new concerns related to certain innovating sectors: health, car, networks or security. The teams of the Department follow an increasing hierarchy, namely from the “basic material” until the complete “system”.


Research structure

One hundred twenty three people are presently working in the MOM Research Department which is headed by Professor Patrick Queffelec: 57 of them are assistant professors or professors, 12 others are engineers or technicians and 41 are PhD students, 14 in post-doctoral positions. All these researchers are distributed in three research teams.

Teams MOM


Devices and Multi-physic Interfaces

- Design and manufacture components, new functions and devices for microwave and optoelectronics.- Build and use the tools and the skills developed by the PIM team and the unique properties of materials designed and manufactured by the MF team.- All-optical and optoelectronic functions, optical communications

Fonctional Materials

Our skills in Electromagnetism, Physics, Physico-Chemistry, together with our technological means (materials synthesis, electromagnetic characterization) and numerical modelization, drive our three research activity axis: 1)Production and implementation of functionnal materials for microwave devices 2)Electromagnetism of heterogeneous materials and biological structures 3)Environmental sensors.

Propagation and Multi-scale Interactions

The work carried within the PIM team aim to develop and improve modeling and optimization tools to aid in the representation and understanding of phenomena resulting from the interaction of electromagnetic waves with the environment. These phenomena are observed at different scales of the material system, but also devices and components developed by other teams DIM and MF of the MOM department.
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