Prof. Marc Sevaux elected as EURO President-Elect

Prof. Marc Sevaux has been elected last june as President-Elect of EURO (Association of European Operational Research Societies). His mandate has started in January 2020.

2019 Fall Meeting of CCSDS

21-24 October, 2019, Darmstadt, Germany

Emmanuel Boutillon and Cédric Marchand (IAS team) presented their work on the implementation of DVB-S2 channel decoders.

Kick-off meeting of QCSP: Quasi Cyclic Small Packet

New ANR cooperative research project

QCSP partners
The IAS team is leading QCSP, an ANR cooperative research project, started on 1st October 2019 with a duration of 42 months. The kick-off meeting was held in Lab-STICC premises, Lorient, on 3 October, 2019.

June 2019: Vincent Gripon was appointed Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing


Special Session on Beyond 5G Technologies at EuCNC 2019

The special session speakers
The IAS team co-organized a special session on advanced THz technologies towards Terabit/s wireless communications at EuCNC 2019.

Jérémy Nadal, 2019 Winner of the PhD Thesis Prize in Radioscience - URSI France

Radio Science PhD Thesis Prize
The 2019 URSI Radioscience PhD Thesis Prize was awarded to Jérémy Nadal for his work entitled: "Filtered multicarrier waveforms in the context of 5G: novel algorithms and architecture optimizations".

Special Session on Physical Layer Security and Integrity for IoT and Space Communica

APCC 2019 The 25th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

This Special Session aims to provide a view of recent research on physical layer security and integrity techniques for communications. Security and integrity of transmissions are a major concern for futuretechnologies. It is organized by R. Gautier.

Science popularization article: Brain signal processing

Published in the research blog of IMT (in French)

Nicolas Farrugia contributed to an article explaining brain signal processing to the lay community.


The French-Speaking Julia web site

The Lab-STICC has a large number of members involved in the usage and the development of the Julia language. Few of them are actively helping for the dissemination of the language, especially for the French speaking community.

2019 Oberpfaffenhofen Workshop on High Throughput Coding

OWHTC 2019
On February 27-28 2019, researchers of the IAS team were invited to present their recent results at the DLR, Germany.

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