Special Session on Physical Layer Security and Integrity for IoT and Space Communica

APCC 2019 The 25th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

This Special Session aims to provide a view of recent research on physical layer security and integrity techniques for communications. Security and integrity of transmissions are a major concern for futuretechnologies. It is organized by R. Gautier.

Collaboration with York University

Since last September, the COM team and the Communication Technologies Research Group of the University of York have started collaborating on the topic of underwater communications and networking. After hosting Dr. Paul D. Mitchell from the University...

EF-FECtive: Energy-First Design of LDPC Codes and Decoders

New Young Researcher (JCJC) project for COM and IAS teams

Elsa Dupraz (COM team), François Leduc-Primeau (IAS team) and Frédéric Guilloud (COM team) obtained funding from the ANR for the Young Researcher (JCJC) project EF-FECtive: Energy-First Design of LDPC Codes and Decoders
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