Sea Axis

Validation of the algorithms developped by the team in the Harbor of Brest
Validation of the algorithms developped by the team in the Harbor of Brest

In this axis, we develop acoustic modems and underwater networks.

It is animated by C. Laot.

We develop the activity using acoustic links to transmit information (voice, image, video, data). The propagation channel is particularly difficult : very selective and introduce a time contraction or dilatation of the signal depending on the relative speed between the emitter and receiver. High data rate system in this environment needs particular signal processing that takes into account those distortions.

Few channel models are used by the community that prefers historically to test new algorithms on real data. That's why the team also develops a platform and conducts at least once a year validation tests in the harbor of Brest.



Defense Axis

Signal interception and identification.
Signal interception and identification.

In this axis, the team works principally on applications related with the electronic warfare.

The axis is animated by R. Gautier.

The main contributions are in the field of signal interception, system identification, blind estimation of transmission parameters (symbol period, modulation, channel, channel code, interleaver, SNR, etc...).

The team also develops algorithm for UWB (Ultra wide Band) communication and proposes furtive waveforms. 

The developed algorithms are also useful for cognitive radio and especially for sensing.



The Telecom Axis

Example of application : optical communication
Example of application : optical communication

In this axis, the activity is developed around communication system with a particular focus to developed real systems.

This axis is animated by K. Amis.

For example, the team has worked on distributed channel coding, DVB-NGH packets transmission coupled with powerful channel codes, re-transmission of packets for HSDPA or LTE, space-time code design,  channel code design for optical communication, etc...


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