Available facilities within the team

  • technological facilities :

o   Equipment for the synthesis of magnetodielectric powders by wet chemical techniques (reverse-micell techniques, auto-combustion gel, co-precipitation)

o   Shaping of dense and half-dense magnetodielectric materials (micro-and nano-sized particles)

o   Conventional equipments for shaping

o   Measurement of ferroelectric hysteresis (Aixacct TF 2000)

o   VSM (2.2T, 90-600K. Microsense)

o   Dilatometer (1400°C. Nietzche)

o   Picnometer (Accupyc)

o   Uniaxial presses

o   Furnaces (1400°C, Controled atmosphere. Pyrox)

o   Rollers for rubber processing-Mixing Mill System (Scamex)

o   Extruder (Filabot EX2)

o   Vario-planetary mill (FRITSCH)

o   Centrifuge (HERMLE)

o   Clean room (classes 100 and 10000)

o   3D printing ((RepRap Asimov, from Robotseed)

o   RF Sputtering, spin and dip coating

o   Micro-patterning generator

o   X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, electrical characterisation (DC/RF)


  • Electromagnetic measurements facilities:

o   Network analyzersfor measurements in the frequency range 30 KHz - 50 GHz.

- HP8753ES
- HP8720
- PNA E8364A

o   Rectangular waveguides from S-band (2.6-3.95 GHz) to U-band (40-60 GHz)

o   Coaxial air-lines up to 50 GHz (APC7 and 2.4 mm standards)

o   Wiltron 3680 (Measurement of microstrip lines and coplanar waveguides up to 50 GHz)

o   Probe Station (Cascade Microtech)

o   Dielectric probe (Agilent 85070 E)

o   Specific measuring cells for the characterization of dynamic properties of materials

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  • Modeling and Electromagnetic simulation tools :

o   ADS (Circuit, Agilent)‏

o   Maxwell SV (2D quasi-static, Ansoft)‏

o   Momentum (2,5D electromagnetic, Agilent)‏

o   Maxwell 3D (3D static, Ansoft)‏

o   HFSS (3D electromagnetic, Ansoft)‏

o   EMDS (electromagnetic, Agilent)‏

o   Comsol Multiphysics (3D, Comsol)‏

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