Microwave and millimeterwave devices

  • Antennas and antenna networks,
  • Filters, phase shifters, couplers and integrated systems,
  • UHF- L, S, C, Ka, Ku, Q, V…
  • THz Design and technological integration: 3D conception, shaping and plating, LTCC, foam, thermoplastic, paper...


  • Optical amplifiers and filters:
    • New Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) structures,
    • Tunable optical filter based on acousto-optical cells,
    • Modeling: SOAs, periodic structures, magneto-photonic cristal,…
  • Transmission of optical advanced modulation formats
    • OQAM, Co-OFDM, AM-IM-OFDM Signal
    • Digital signal processing: Pre- distortion and linearization technics
  • Optical interconnections : fibered and in free space

Photonics & Microwave interaction

  • All-Optical mixers for 60 GHz applications based on SOA-MZI,
  • Radio UWB over fibre: Optimization of waveforms in presence of MZM, SOAs...

Sensors and Systems

  • The connected human, dosimetry, detection of biological data (glucose rate),
  • Sensors and communicating objects 
    • Energy harvesting: RF, solar, 
    • Technological integration: LTCC and thermoplastic (3D integration)
    • Detection / surveillance of physical data (corrosion),
  • Transmission
    • Simultaneous optical transmission over fiber for sub-marine observatories of power and data to supply sensors,
    • Design of low consumption optoelectronic functions for sensors,
    • Interconnections in free space between chips.


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