General presentation

The team is animated by S. Houcke and is organized in 3 axes:

Sea : In this axe, we developp underwater acoustic modems. Our localisation and experience acquired during the last 20 years make us one the major french actor in this field.

The animator of this axe is C. Laot.

Defence : We develop blind algorithm for identification of communication parameters such as the symbol period, the type of modulation, the parameters of the channel code etc...

The animator of this axe is R. Gautier.

Telecom : Historically, we contribute to the invention of Block Turbocodes which gives us experience in all turbo processing (Synchronisation, Equalization etc...). Now, we are involved in optical communication, wireless technologies, MIMO and 5G.

The animator of this axe is K. Amis.


In January 2016, the team was composed by:

  • 7 full professors,
  • 15 Associated professors,
  • 3 research ingeniors
  • 1 technician
  • 5 associated researchers
  • 1 assitant

 The team is located in 3 different sites : IMT Atlantique, Université de Bretagne Occidentale and l'École nationale supérieure de techniques avancées Bretagne (ENSTA-Bretagne).


Publication in Journal

Our Publications are presented in the following figure:

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