Master I-MARS

Micro-technologie - Architecture - Réseaux et Systèmes de communication

This master program is conducted jointly with 3 other institution partners: INSA-Rennes, Supélec, IMT Atlantique.

Courses in that master program cover all the apsects involved in the conception of embedded systems, communications networks, monitoring networks, automatic test systems or celectornic components. These courses focus on technological decisions induced by the selection of hardware and software architectures operated on an integrated system.

The multidisciplinary teaching is possible thank to a regional organization on different sites. This multidisciplinary aspect is enforced by the objectives of the master program on embedded systems and high level synthesis conception.

The master program is also based on the competencies of several research laboratories, research centers as well as many small size companies which support the stragegic directions of the master program I-MARS.

Contact information:

Head of Master Program: Prof. Philippe COUSSY
Tel: +33 (0)2 97 87 45 65
Master I-MARS web site (in French)

Master in Mathematic Engineering

Master of Science, Technology and Health

The master in Mathematic Engineering propose a high level educational program in mathematics open to recent development of applied mathematics to engineering science. It is dedicated to the education of executive managers and engineers with a large scope able to apply tools of modeling, simulation, optimization, statistics, data analysis, signal/image processing for industries and service industries. This is a distance learning program that allows students to follow courses and validate the master entirely online.

This master offers to the students the skills and competences necessary to each company when facing the data management and analysis, from the design of innovative solutions, optimization of process, and decision making. Specialized teaching units in optimization, ODE/PDE, operation research, statistics, data analysis and signal/image processing links the different competences together. With the growing quantity of data available, each company is now able to setup new process based on the analysis of these data and improve their productivity. Even if a computer science engineer is able to handle data, a mathematician engineer will be able to best analyze these data to make the right decision at the right moment. Big companies have already understood this, but small or medium size companies can now also reach this level with our mathematician engineers.

Contact information:

Head of Master Program: Prof. Marc Sevaux
Secretary: Sandrine Steinmann
Tel: +33 (0)2 97 01 72 37
Web site of Master IM (in French)

Master of Psychology "Cognition, Learning, Evaluation, Remediation: Virtual reality and simulation"

Master de Psychologie, Parcours "Cognition, Apprentissage, Évaluation, Remédiation : Réalité Virtuelle et simulation" (CAER)

The aim of this Master course is to train cognitive psychologists, in order to become specialists in the domain of learning, and in the use and evaluation of simulation systems (in particular virtual reality) that can be used in the military, industry, training, or health sectors.

On the one hand, students will be trained to evaluate human cognition, its normal functioning and dysfunctions (from attention disorders to learning difficulties) through virtual reality tools, with a neuropsychological approach. On the other hand, they will be trained to evaluate virtual environments or simulation systems (for example for learning, but not exclusively) through human performance, within a human-centered approach.

Complementary to evaluation, remediation will allow either to propose remedial solutions to cognitive disorders, thanks to virtual reality; either to propose recommendations for the improvement of the design of virtual environments for learning, evaluation or remediation.

In addition to traditional lectures, students will discover the uses of VR and simulation in different fields (e.g., aeronautics, navy, industry, health), with presentations of on-site installations and presentations of case studies or research by specialists of the domain.

This Master course will allow students either to become psychologists, either to pursue their doctoral studies.

Contact information:

Head of Master Program: Prof. Franck Ganier
Tel: +33 (0)2 98 01 68 48
Web site of UBO Masters (in French)

Master in Computer Science

Master "Sciences, Technologies, Santé", Mention "Informatique"

This Master prepares future computer science and information technology  engineers and researchers. This Master can either lead to a career in IT  companies but also to a PhD thesis and to research positions in public or private organizations.

The first year of Master allows student to acquire mandatory skills preparing them to the second year Master specializations. The  second year proposes 7 specializations on which the  MOCS, IRIS and IHSEV Lab-STICC teams are involved.

Those specializations cover technologies and theoretical frameworks in IT and computer sciences such as information systems, embedded systems, software engineering, data mining or interactive systems.

This master is organized  by UBO and three other institutional members of Lab-STICC: ENIB, ENSTA Bretagne and IMT Atlantique.

Contact information:

Head of Master Program: Prof. Frank Singhoff
Tel: +33 (0)2 98 01 62 11
Web site of UBO Masters (in French)

Postgraduate education in ICT at IMT Atlantique

Postgraduate education in ICT at IMT Atlantique


Lab-STICC members actively participate to the postgraduate programs in Information and Communication Technologies offered at IMT Atlantique, one of the flagships of European institutes of higher education in Telecommunications and Computer Science. Master of Engineering (MEng), Master of Science (MSc) and PhD degrees are on offer for international students, MEng and MSc programs including a Bridging Semester for non-French speaking students:

  • Master of Engineering: These programs involve internationally-oriented and multidisciplinary courses, both technical and human sciences, with a view to training industry managers and future researchers, as well as Strong ties with companies, who are present at all the stages in the training, to guarantee successful integration into the workplace. A master of engineering in partnership with the industry is also offered. Additional information can be found at
  • Master of Science: these programmes involve training courses leading to a high level of expertise, more specifically in Telecommunication Systems, Communication Networks as well as Computer Science and Data Science. Additional information can be found at
  • PhD: IMT Atlantique is accredited to award PhD degrees and enroll each year about 70 PhD students in Information and Communication Technology. Additional information can be found at

Contact information:

Director of Education: Prof. Gabrielle Landrac
Tel: +33 (0)2 29 00 12 87 

 Web site of


Master in Telecommunications

Master "Sciences, Technologies, Santé", Mention "Télécommunications"

This is the only Master of UBO that takes advantage of CMI (Cursus Master en Ingénierie) label, delivered by the French national network FIGURE. This label was achieved by the “Télécommunications” Master thanks to the strong involvement of Lab-STICC, which fully supports its three specialties: RF Electronics and Telecommunications (ET) Signal and Telecommunications (ST) and Telecommunication Networks (TR).

The “Télécommunications” Master offers a high-level training in various ICT (Information and Communication Technology) related fields like RF Electronics, Signal and Image Processing, Digital Communications, Telecommunication and Computer Networks. It prepares students for technical expert and researcher positions, within both industry and academic labs.

A strong partnership has been developed in the framework of this Master between UBO and three other institutional members of Lab-STICC: ENIB, ENSTA Bretagne and IMT Atlantique.

Contact information:

Head of Master Program: Prof. Gérard Tanné
Tel: +33 (0)2 98 01 79 92
Web site of UBO Masters (in French)

Master Photonique

"Sciences, technologies, santé ", spécialité Photonique

This master program is conducted jointly with four graduate engineering schools , ENIB (École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest),  ENSSAT Rennes, INSA  Rennes and IMT Atlantique – and two universities, the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) and the Université de Rennes I –

These institution partners have joined up to offer advanced training in Optics via this Master in Photonics, simultaneously at Brest, Lannion and Rennes: Optical Telecommunications, Optical Nanotechnology, Photonics for Life and the Environment.

This Master’s degree (M2 PHOTONICS) proposes a specialization in Photonics, integrating the basic principles of physics and technologies necessary to comprehend this field. From Telecommunications to Medical Imagery and Renewable Energies, Photonics plays a major role in the design of components and systems for today and tomorrow. Photonics has been chosen by the European Commission as a key technology in the 21st Century.

This Master benefits from the expertise of the CNRS laboratories of the jointly approved establishments.

This Master has over 10 years experience in the teaching of Photonics and the use of the latest digital technologies for teaching (training supported by the Digital Campus Plan and the UBL).

Master Photonique web site
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