PhD Defense of Guillaume Bonnoron

A Journey towards practical homomorphic encryption

Published 3/13/2018

The defense will take place on March, 15th at Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise in Plouzané, at 2PM.

Title: A Journey towards practical homomorphic encryption

Abstract: Since the original proposal from Gentry in 2009, much of the
burden inherent to Fully Homomorphic Encryption scheme has been
overcome. We stand now at a point where a practical use of FHE is within
reach. Throughout this thesis we studied cryptanalytical and conception
aspects of FHE. Our contribution ranges from a special-purpose attack
against Ring-LWE and lattice reduction improvements, to a new scheme of
the latest trend, to a comparative study of different mature proposals.
All this with the aim to bring FHE closer to practical usability.

When? on March, 15th 2018, 2PM
Where? amphithéâtre du Pôle numérique Brest-Iroise, Plouzané (

- Frederik Vercauteren, KU Leuven, reviewer
- Thomas Johansson, Lund Uni, reviewer
- Damien Stehlé, ENS Lyon
- Renaud Sirdey, CEA LIST
- Léo Ducas, CWI Amsterdam
- Adeline Roux-Langlois, CNRS/IRISA
- Sylvain Lachartre, Thales
- Caroline Fontaine, CNRS/IMT Atlantique/Lab-STICC, supervisor

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